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Butterfly/ Pre-K (4-5 year olds)

18 children maximum with 2 teachers

We know that our Butterflies will be flying into Kindergarten at the end of their school year and are ready to develop stronger independence and self-reliance skills. They have learned and developed much in their first 4 years and are now ready to master their early learning skills in literacy, language, math, cognition, science and social skills. Our Pre-K class curriculum is designed to promote our students growth and confidence and Kindergarten readiness. Our students meet and often exceed the NYS Common Core Standards as listed below:

Social and Emotional Development

  • Demonstrates increasing self -awareness
  • Demonstrates confidence and positive self- image
  • Demonstrates initiative, cooperation, curiosity, & creativity in choosing learning activities
  • Engages in social relationships & develops connections & attachments to peers, adults & larger community

Physical Development

  • Demonstrate Competence in Coordinated Movement using Large Muscles (Gross Motor)
  • Demonstrates confidence in coordinated movement using small muscles and eye/hand coordination (fine motor)
  • Demonstrates spatial awareness in both fine and gross motor activities

Creative Expression/Aesthetic Development

  • Participate with increasing interest and enjoyment in a variety of music activities, including listening, singing, finger plays, & games
  • Experiment with a variety of musical instruments
  • Engage in a variety of personal creative movement & functional/physical movement activities, individually & in a group
  • Participate in a variety of dramatic play activities that become more extended and complex
  • Show growing creativity & imagination in using materials & dramatic play situations
  • Gain ability in using different art media & materials in a variety of ways for creative expression & representation
  • Progress in ability to create drawings, paintings, models, & other art creations that are more detailed, personal, & realistic
  • Develop growing abilities to plan, work independently & demonstrate care & persistence in a variety of art experiences
  • Begins to understand & share opinions about artistic products & experiences

Cognitive Development: Language & Literacy

  • Communicate experiences, ideas, needs, choices, feelings by speaking
  • Listen with understanding to conversations, directions, rhymes, songs, & stories
  • Talk for a variety of purposes Look for meaning in Visual Symbols
  • Exhibits a variety of behaviors when integrating with books
  • Describe & share their own experiences
  • Develop Phonemic Awareness
  • Print-Sound connections Demonstrates the behaviors of a beginning writer

Cognitive Development: Mathematical Thinking

  • Develops an understanding of numbers, ways to represent numbers, relationships among numbers Begins to understand the meaning of the operation of addition & subtraction & how they relate to the other
  • Begins to understand predictions and use estimates
  • Patterns, quantitative & qualitative properties
  • Shapes & spatial relationships
  • Recognize properties & characteristics of geometric shapes
  • Understand location & position
  • Measurement
  • Information gathering & probability
  • Understand that predictions can be made

Cognitive Development: Scientific Thinking

  • Pose questions & seek answers & develop solutions

Cognitive Development: Social Studies

  • Apply the skills of communicating, sharing and cooperating with others who have similar & different perspectives
  • Begins to understand time change & continuity & to relate past events to their present & future activities
  • Develop a growing understanding of position in space, geographical location & direction Recognizes the contributions of community workers and services


Butterfly - Universal Pre-K Schedule

Daily Schedule may alter depending on the needs of the children

8:00 - 8:20


8:20 - 8:40

Large Group

8:40 - 9:30

Choice Time / Small Group

9:30 - 9:50


9:50 - 10:30

Gross Motor / Outdoor

10:30 - 11:00

Choice Time / Small Group

11:00 - 11:15

Story Time

11:15 - 11:45


11:45 - 12:30


12:30 - 1:30

Choice Time / Small Group

1:30 - 2:00

Gross Motor / Outdoor

2:00 - 2:20

End of UPK Meeting and Departure


Butterfly -  extended hours

Daily Schedule may alter depending on the needs of the children

2:30 - 3:00

Gross Motor / Outdoor

3:00 - 3:30


3:30 - 3:50

Large Group

3:50 - 4:15

Choice Time / Small Group

4:15 - 4:30

Story Time

4:30 - 6:00

Choice Time/Small Group


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