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When my husband and I discovered Kid Krazy, we knew we had hit the jackpot. We researched a broad range of preschools and Kid Krazy was the only one where every single parent had only positive things to say. From our first meeting with Ms. Chin, we were impressed with the program's intentional, creative and developmentally appropriate approach. Once Lilah started attending, we really saw what that looked like first hand. I appreciated that the Kid Krazy teachers worked with the children using a solid knowledge of childhood development as their foundation but were also responsive to the individual needs and talents of each kid. Lilah was known and loved as an individual and learned to be a member of a diverse and vibrant group of children. Did she learn a lot of early reading and math skills? Absolutely. Did she develop self control and social skills? For sure. But more importantly, she felt engaged, loved and invested every day. A two and a half year old doesn't use those words to describe how she feels. Instead, she teaches you how to milk a cow when she comes home from school. She explains when to use listening ears and how to treat friends...and then she makes you do it. She holds court in the living room and reads to the entire family. She starts making one zillion observations and asking twice as many questions when encountering a new experience. As a parent, getting to watch that all happen, you know that if she could write this note, she'd echo everything I'm saying here. We've moved out of state and miss Kid Krazy so much. It set the bar we measure Lilah's current preschool by and we'll always be grateful  for the experience she had there and the teachers who gave her so much.

Keely Ball


Dear Ms. Chin,

I Wanted to thank you again for your time a few weeks ago.  After realizing your intention with our meeting, I was really impressed with how proactive you were being with wanting to discuss (our son's) progress and future development.  You really demonstrated a good handle in understanding (our son's) progress and current challenges and I am so grateful that you wanted to know our perspective to better help (his) growth. We had selected Kid Krazy for (our son) because I had read so many reviews from parents about the positive experiences they have had. While I knew (our son) was progressing well as a part of your program/curriculum, I was very impressed with the level of care, concern, and compassion that you, as the director, demonstrated for our son. Certainly, your job is not an easy one, for this reason I cannot thank you enough for your invaluable time and for the level of concern and involvement you have for our son and his development. As a result of our conversation not only were we able to implement your advice and see immediate results, it reassured us that we could not have made a better choice in selecting Kid Krazy as the foundation for (our son's) growth.


(PreK Parents)


Dear Kid Krazy Team,
My son is now a Butterfly (pre-k) at your school and has been going since he was a Bumblebee (2 1/2 years old). I wanted to thank you for all the amazing work that your fine staff has been doing and for being a true partner in my son's development and education. My son loves to go to school every day!

We transferred to your school after almost two years at a day care closer to my job location and while that day care was great and the staff was caring and qualified (my younger daughter is there until she turns two) I am so glad I switched my son to your school.

I can see the difference when I bring him to his old school, whenever Kid Krazy is closed, and he is the most well behaved kid in class there, and is more advanced in his knowledge and understanding than his old classmates are (his former teacher tells me that every time). While I would not call your teachers strict, the Kid Krazy kids learn how to behave in a respectful manner to one another and to their teachers, a quality that I am sure will come in handy next year in kindergarten and generally in life.

I can always talk to the teachers and get feedback on my son, and if I have a concern I can always address it with the teacher, which is great. He is learning so much and it always delights me to hear about the complex things he learns in preschool at his age.
I was a little concerned about the school not having an outdoor play area (21st ave location) but the kids always go outside whether it is a community walk, the play ground or to the waterfront.

Curriculum night and Parent/Teacher days are really beneficial for me as a parent because it is an opportunity for me to learn about what the kids are doing all year and what goals are set for them.

I did not realize how Kid Krazy is really in a league above other schools until I had a live comparison with my son.

We are lucky to have such a great preschool in Astoria!

Respectfully GWY



My family has been lucky enough to be a part of the "Kid Krazy Family" for 2 years. Their philosophy academically challenges each child to maximize their potential while providing a loving and nurturing environment. Kid Krazy has been the best start for my daughter. While teaching her letters and numbers the staff has stressed the importance of respect for oneself and one another. They have also stressed cultural awareness through a diversity of cultural activities and celebrations.

They have an academically challenging program far better than anything else available to us in the neighborhood. Through their individual attention to each child they give extra help to those who need it and further challenge those who are ready for more. The children excel beyond parental expectations while having fun and enjoying each others company as well as that of the staff. Today my 4 year old daughter read 3 books to me. She is well prepared for the transition into kindergarten next fall. I am glad to have found Kid Krazy.

Lisa Gallagher



When we enrolled our son at Kid Krazy he was 2 years old and not talking at all. At that point he had a hard time focusing on any one thing for more than 30 seconds, not saying any words and not really understanding what was said to him as well.

It is now 7 months later and we can honestly say he is a different child. Because of Ms. Chin and the structure that she manages at Kid Krazy, my son has been able to develop his communication and focusing skills. The progress that he has made is because of the program Kid Krazy offers. It is much more than just a daycare facility. The program focuses on children's needs as well as enhancing their strengths.

We are so lucky to have found Kid Krazy and continue to refer other families to the center.

Kathy Goncalves



How do I know my daughter loves Kid Krazy? Because she never wants to leave! She's eager to go in the morning and begs to stay at pick-up time. On weekends she chatters endlessly about her friends and all the fun things they did.
Although other pre-schools might offer a strong academic component and a chance to build social skills, Kid Krazy has something more; a staff of loving teachers who genuinely enjoy working with children.
As my daughter completes her third year she is happy, has many friends and is confidant with letters, numbers and her writing skills. Thank you Kid Krazy for giving her such a wonderful start!

Holly Hepp-Galvan



After researching many preschools in the area, I found Kid Krazy had everything I wanted in an early learning center - including loving teachers. My daughter has blossomed creatively, academically and socially. I would highly recommend any parent who needs the best care for their child to think about Kid Krazy.

Jacqueline Quinn




I am a speech therapist with, many years of experience, working with a 21/2 year old child who attends Kid Krazy and I am very impressed with this daycare center. After having worked in many centers (Manhattan and Queens), I have rarely seen such an effective program.

What impressed me first was their respectful way of speaking to all the children and parents. They are firm and consistent but also very loving. Treating kids with respect is the way children learn to respect others. Telling them clearly what you want them to do and being consistent about that makes children feel safe and cared for.

The child I am seeing can now participate in a group, listens to stories and answers questions. He talks to other children when they play together and now speaks in sentences.

When the school posted a notice that progress reports were being prepared for each child my reaction was that they really knew what they were doing. They've gotten to know each child as an individual; their personality differences, how each of them learns, how each handles stress, their needs, likes and dislikes. That is an enormous amount of dedication and work. They are real pros!

I would not hesitate to leave a child in their care.

Judy Nemzer, MA, CCC-SLP



Thank you for everything you have done for V.! She is prepared and excited about going to kindergarten because of the outstanding job you and the staff at Kid Krazy have done. You have built an excepional preschool at Kid Krazy. Above and beyond our expectations! Thank you for making V's introduction to education a positive one that we are sure will get her off to a great academic experience. Thank you.

M & S


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