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Kid Krazy Curriculum is created by Ms. Chin, the Founder of Kid Krazy Preschool. Ms. Chin works closely with all new teachers guiding their lessons and approach to teaching. Continuous Professional Development and training in Kid Krazy's curriculum and philosophy of teaching are provided throughout the year to ensure that Kid Krazy's high standards are met through all ages and schools.

The following is a small portion of one of Kid Krazy's curriculum for the Caterpillar Classroom (Each class is provided with their own age-appropriate curriculum)

Bugs!!! (Insects)

*Bugs – *Insects – Wings - Antenna – Bumble Bee – Fly – Caterpillar – Butterfly – Lady Bug – Spider- Ants – Cockroaches*Although there is a difference between bugs and insects, for this age development, it is a difficult concept for them to understand. Refer to Insect as another word for bug

1. Children will be able to use vocabulary to describe what a bug is.
2. Children will be able to describe through language, song, art, or story that a bug has 3 body parts, antennas, wings, and 6 legs.
3. Children will begin to recognize the first and last letter sound of each vocabulary word.
4. Children will learn that Bumble bees, fly's, Butterfly's, Lady bugs, cockroaches, and Ants are bugs…a Caterpillar will be a bug… and a Spider is not a bug!
5. Children will learn that bugs are important for flowers and trees.
6. Children will learn that some bugs fly and some do not.
7. Children will be able to sort and classify the bugs that can fly and those that cannot
8. Children will develop stronger number recognition and one to one correspondence through this bug unit.
9. Children will role play different bugs
10. Children will "read" fiction and non-fiction books on bugs
11. Children will create art that represents their unique understanding and perspective of bugs

Music & Movement / Rhyme

5 Little Ladybugs

I saw a little ladybug flying in the air,
But when I tried to catch her, two bugs were there.
Two little ladybugs flew up in a tree.
I tiptoed very quietly, and then I saw three.
Three little ladybugs–I looked for one more.
I saw one sitting on the ground, that made four.
Four little ladybugs–another one arrived.
I saw her sitting on a flower, and that made five.
Five little ladybugs, all red and black–I clapped my hands and shouted, and they all flew back!


Spider Web Marble Painting

Children place a black paper circle in the bottom of a pie pan. Dip the marble in white paint, put it in the pie pan and roll it around to make a spider web. Also tie a plastic spider ring onto the web with yarn

Egg Carton Bugs

We make bugs using half of a cardboard egg carton, paint, wiggle eyes, pom-pom balls, and other materials.

Match the Ladybug (Math) Teachers can make matching ladybug cards to improve preschooler's math skills. Create several pairs of matching ladybugs. Each pair should have the same number of spots. Different pairs, however, should have different numbers of spots. After mixing up the cards, allow students to match the ladybug pairs. See which students can find the most matches. Older students can find matches based on an addition or subtraction. For instance, the teacher could say, "Find three plus one," and the students would search for the ladybugs with four spots.

Insect Inspection (Science) Materials Needed: Show the children some pictures of insects. Then pass out some plastic insects (one for each child). Have them find these items on their insects:

  • All insects have 3 body parts: the head, the thorax (middle) and the abdomen.
  • All insects have 6 legs.
  • All insects have antennae. What do they use these for (touching and detecting odors!)
  • Some insects have wings. Does yours have wings?

Bug Obstacle Course. (Gross Motor)…Place different colors of paper (food) at one end of the room. Set up an obstacle course where the children have to climb over things like chairs, under tunnels (you can use nap mats), and jump over things like a broomstick. At the other end of the room place whole sheets of paper that match the colors of food. Tell the children that they are bugs gathering food for the winter. To safely save the food, each child needs to pick up a piece of food, identify the color, travel the obstacle course, and put the food on the corresponding paper (in their home). Watch out for birds that want to eat you or steal your food! (Use a bird puppet to chase the children occasionally!)


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