Where the Staff is Krazy about Kids!

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Where the staff is krazy about kids!

At Kid Krazy we understand the search for your child's first school can be filled with anxiety. You are not only seeking a place where your child can learn and develop, but more importantly, a place where your child feels safe, secure and loved. We believe there is nothing more important for a child than to have a positive self-image. Once a child feels secure in their environment, learning becomes a natural process. At Kid Krazy all of our teachers understand that children are born with a huge capacity to learn. Our children are given the tools to stimulate their natural curiosity and to develop a strong sense of empathy and respect for one another. The children's days are filled with play (to develop creative imagination and social skills) as well as fostering early reading, writing, math, science and art skills. Our goal is to bring out the best in your child and to nurture their love of learning.

Please feel free to contact us to set up a time for a tour of our school and meet our wonderful staff.

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