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Philosophy & Goals


At Kid Krazy Preschool we value the whole child. Each child’s social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical developments are all equally important to us. We believe that no one development is more essential than the other. We create a loving nurturing environment that promotes each child’s social and emotional development with an emphasis on respect and empathy. We value the individual child within the "community group”. We believe children learn through "meaningful” play and that learning occurs during developmentally appropriate, child-centered activities. Children learn concepts best when they are meaningful and relevant to them. They acquire knowledge through the active exploration of their environment. Consequently, it is the teacher’s responsibility to provide a learning-enriched environment, which provides stimulating and challenging experiences for them. The teacher then acts as a facilitator: encouraging, promoting and reinforcing a child’s attempts, questions, skill development, and discoveries.


For Children

Based on our understanding of young children and their development, broad goals are set for each age group and then individual goals are set for each child. But, in general, our teachers all strive to:

  • Encourage positive social interactions: communicating, cooperating, empathy, sharing, manners and respecting each other, teachers, classroom and the community.
  • Enhance children’s self-esteem, self-sufficiency, and feelings of self-worth.
  • Provide a language-rich environment. We expose children to the written and spoken word and in turn, encourage their writing and storytelling.
  • Celebrate diversity and intrinsically teach respect for the world around us.
  • Foster creativity in art, language, and thinking.
  • Promote the development and mastery of early math, science, and literacy skills.
  • Introduce a wide variety of activities to exercise both the large and small muscles of the body.
  • Prepare children for success in Kindergarten and beyond.

For Parents

A program which provides

  • High quality child care that supports their family’s needs
  • Support of their relationship with their child
  • Opportunities to increase understanding of child development
  • Opportunities to contribute to their child’s program
  • Encouragement to trust their ability to resolve parenting issues
  • Mutual support from and for other parents


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